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Crypto Donation Widget for WordPress

Our WordPress Widget is the most suitable tool for you whether you wish to diversify you website revenue, start a fundraising campaign for your online/offline project, request financial support for your creative content.
Download our free Cryptocurrency Donation Widget for Wordpress and start receiving donations in 40+ Crypto coins and tokens.

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Crypto Donation QR Code Generator offers the ability for non-WordPress users to integrate a Multi Crypto Currency QR Code Widget onto their website. This QR Code allow them to receive Crypto Donation in 40+ popular Crypto coins and tokens.

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Crypto Digital Downloads Marketplace offers free membership to sell Digital Downloads such as Ebooks, Music, Digital Art, 3D assets, graphical design ressources or even digital photography using the e-commerce platform.

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Anime Girls X Battleground: Free Fire Balls 3D

Play as Usagi and Kasumi in this 3d mobile fast paced action-adventure game trying to save Tokyo Cit

10% commission: 0.00016382 BTC

Island Boy Impact 2 - 3D Action Adventure Game

Island Boy Impact 2 is a free to play third person 3D adventure game like no other taking place with

10% commission: 0.00016382 BTC

Alien Fighter Boy - 3d Android Adventure Game

Product features Superb and detailed 3D Graphics Engaging Action Smart Enemies AI A variety of E

10% commission: 0.00016382 BTC

To Notice Or Not To Notice!

"Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At What To Pay Attention To!" This Book

10% commission: 0.00029487 BTC

Getting the woman of your Dream

Discover How to Get Any Woman You Desire – Even If You’re Shy, Unattractive & Out of Shape! Dea

10% commission: 0.00029487 BTC

Making Money By Investing In Real Estate

“Are You Ready to Discover the Astonishing Secrets of How to Make Massive Profits in Real Estate I

10% commission: 0.00029487 BTC

Crypto Donation Widget for wordpress

Crypto Donation Widget is a WordPress Plugin which allows you to receive Donations with Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.

Supports top 40+ crypto coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, TRON & much more… Our product is designed to break the barriers of accepting Cryptocurrencies Online

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Integrate to your website by pasting our widget on to your website. Within minutes, your visitors will be able to donate directly your digital wallets using the cryptocurrency of their choice.

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